Friday, July 15, 2011

Breaking the Tradition: Faisal Mosque

When I was in Lahore in June, I visited the Badshahi Mosque, the second largest mosque in Pakistan. After the Dawn field trip, I visited the first largest mosque in Pakistan (and all of South Asia!): the Faisal Mosque. Situated against the picturesque Margalla Hills (the westernmost foothills of the Himalayas), this beautiful Musjid was a gift from Saudi King Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz to Pakistan. As you can see, the mosque is untraditional in that it does not feature a dome. It was architected by Vedat Dalokay of Turkey, whose design won an international competition in 1969. When completed in 1986, the mosque was criticized its ‘modern’ look. Though we didn’t stay for long at the Faisal Mosque, I was blown away by its never-ending beauty. Enjoy the pictures!

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