Thursday, July 28, 2011

Over Burdened

I have about 30+ stories waiting for me to edit them. It's a daunting pile. The challenge now is how to edit English grammar and content accuracy of my students' articles while trying to maintain their writing style. This weekend looks busy. If I am awake until 2 a.m. every night, I'm already too busy. This is the final stretch, and it requires my full effort. It's getting more stressful and exciting by the day, and the radar swings in the direction depending on my mood, hah.

The father of one of my female students owns a printing business. How convenient! We have decided to get our newspaper printed from his workshop. Today, I chose the paper quality, gave him the tabloid size, and asked him to give us price rates for various quantity amounts ranging from 300 to 500 copies. The man was very cooperative and I appreciated his patience as I carefully made my decisions.

My students are wiling to put in the extra hours, and so am I. Ramadan starts next week, and so does school for my students. Summer vacation for my kids is over. However, since the newspaper still needs to be completed, this means we will be meeting after school to do layout. And I have already warned my students: there is no sleeping in journalism. In other words, if we need to stay the whole night at school finishing up layout, so be it. Dinner on me.

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