Friday, August 5, 2011


Just when you thought you could escape the college all-nighters, you can't. Or at least I can't. I've been up for the past three days working on The Al-Imtiazian, my students' newspaper. They've done their part by writing the articles. It is my job to edit and perfect them.

Given the time constraints, unfortunately I could not teach my students how to use Microsoft Publisher to create newspaper layout. The reason for my decision to do the entire layout was because the school computers do not have Microsoft Publisher (even though I told the school I would need the program since the very beginning). And since we have limited laptops, each section editor would not have a machine to work. Not to mention touchpad mice are tricky and hard to use, especially for my new-bee kids.

I have to put out a paper in the next 12 hours! AHHHH! So much editing, so much layout, I'm going crazy! I used to complain about the 5 pages I had to layout for the Orient; now I have to layout 16. I think I'm being punished.

I haven't gone to school all this week because I have been working on the newspaper from home. My students email and text me saying they miss me. I miss them also. I will go to school on Monday or Tuesday as a final wrap-up day. It's gonna be hard to say goodbye. I've come to know my students so well and I can't believe the program is over.

On Wednesday, August 10 I have planned an awards ceremony for the students. They will be recognized for their hard work before their parents, teachers, and friends. They deserve it.

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